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What We Learnt From EME 2022 - Now You Can Too!
Our incredible speakers are all experts in their area and each session was designed so that you can take away actionable steps to improve your riding by changing the way you THINK! 
No other event has ever focused on the Rider's Mind like this one did. There is so much to learn off the horse and our unbelievable lineup will give you a toolkit jam-packed with things to think about, take away and DO. 
Jonty Evans - From Crash to Comeback 
“Dealing with setbacks is such a major part of what makes a top-class athlete.”

Jonty Evans talks about how his dream came true then he had to make some serious Mindset choices to continue his success.

Fear - What Exactly Is It? 
Fear or a lack of confidence can show itself in so many ways, from severe anxiety about hacking out to a lack of ability to perform at your best in competition. But what exactly is it and how can understanding it help you to unwire your brain and get it back on side when you want it? 

Jenni Winter- Leach
Taking the Overwhelmed Equestrian from Chaos to Calm
Equestrians face a very unique set of responsibilities encompassing many different variables. The pressures that equestrians place themselves under can be completely overwhelming. By getting organised both mentally and physically we can stop the overwhelm and fall back in love with horse ownership again. 

Cassandra Capsey
How You Can Improve Your Riding Whilst Off the Horse
How can self-awareness of things like balance and posture be achieved without even sitting on the horse? Learn about how our brain can actually make bigger and more lasting changes to our riding when we aren’t actually riding.

Julie Knaggs
The Importance of Emotional Intelligence in Performance Coaching
Successful coaches adapt their behaviour to get the best out of their athletes. How does Emotional Intelligence affect their ability to respond to different situations? If this is the factor which enables them to make better decisions, what does this mean for riders, coaches and governing bodies?

Katie Williams
Equestrian Burnout: What, who, why and how?
WHAT is Equestrian Burnout? WHO does Equestrian Burnout affect? WHY do Equestrians experience Burnout? HOW do we tackle Equestrian Burnout? Whether you're an industry professional or a one-horse amateur, we equestrians are prone to burnout. In this talk, drawing from personal experience, Ali will explore both causes and solutions.

Ali Dane
The True Value of Rider Fitness - How it Affects Your Brain 
Covering the real value of improved rider fitness, that goes beyond the obvious such as being able to complete a ride without being out of breath. For example, greater confidence and quicker reactions lead to overall improved performance.

Natalie Alexander
Trauma - How to Transcend its Impact on Horses and Humans
Trauma is rarely addressed as a root cause of imbalances on all levels. In this talk, we will examine how unhealed trauma manifests and what can be done to transcend it.

Julia Fairfax
Bullying in Equine Industry - Panel Discussion & Q&A with Riders 
A panel discussion with riders Jake Tarrant (Little Bentley Eventing), Rachael Barnett (Ray the Goth), Karla Parsons (Muddy Mayhem). Each of these riders has felt the effects of the issues of bullying and have spoken publicly about their experiences and what they would love to see change. Join us to discuss this with a live Q&A too. 
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Meet The Speakers
We have handpicked the very best expert speakers on a whole variety of topics that we know will give you a powerful set of tools to take away and most importantly put into ACTION!
Jenni Winter-Leach
Nurturing individuals and their talent have always been at the heart of Jenni Winter-Leach’s professional life. After enjoying a successful corporate career as a Global Consultant in  Talent Management, Jenni felt the need to combine her love for the equestrian world and her ability as a Performance Coach. This led her to develop Flying Changes Mindset, a market-leading business in the Equestrian sphere and the UK's Largest Equestrian Mindset Training and Coaching Company.

As an International Master Mindset and Performance Psychology Coach & Trainer,  Award Winning Professional Speaker & International Bestselling Author, Jenni trains riders at ALL levels of equestrian sport to develop their mental performance and create real and lasting impacts on their enjoyment and results. Jenni also coaches and supports Instructors and Trainers to continue delivering her methods after she has left.

Jenni's new book "Dream it. Do it. Love it." will be available to purchase at EME Live!
jonty evans
Jonty Evans needs very little in the way of introductions. 

From Individual 9th at the Rio Olympics in 2016, having to raise £550k to buy his amazing horse Art in 2017 and then his serious fall in 2018 that meant his world came crashing down around him. All whilst the equestrian world followed him every step of the way. 

After being in a coma for 6 weeks he was told he may never ride again. 

Find out how he made it back mentally and physically into the saddle to be out competing once more.
Ali Dane
As a coach, rider, judge and livery yard owner, Ali is used to squeezing as much into a day as physically possible. Burnout is a subject close to her heart, having experienced it numerous times at various stages of life, in both the corporate world and the equestrian industry. 

In an attempt to escape the burnout cycle, Ali has researched and experimented with ways to recover from, and ultimately circumvent burnout altogether. What Ali has discovered is that there is so much we can do for ourselves and others, as equestrians, to help make burnout a thing of the past.
Cassandra Capsey
Cassie is the owner and founder of Tidy Tack Rooms. She has Over 20 years’ experience in the equestrian industry working at a variety of yards all over the world. This is backed by 10 years’ experience in the Military involving moving and relocating many times.

Cassie is excellent at radical decluttering, keeping things simple and fantastic at problem solving. With a proven track record in quickly and easily transforming tack rooms to improve flow, structure, space and energy. Taking overwhelmed equestrians from Chaos to Calm and supporting them in staying there.
Natalie Alexander
Natalie Alexander founded NMA Fitness - a bespoke coaching service that is transforming the lives of riders across the world - by merging her passions, she has dedicated her life to riding and body conditioning.

Taking rider fitness to a new level, her mission is to empower riders with sustainable methods of improving health and performance, so they can ride to their full potential safely and enjoy every moment. 
Julia Fairfax
Julia has spent the last 20 years bringing horses and humans back from the brink, globally. She has worked at the highest levels in the horse world and knows what it takes to heal from within. 

She is a leading expert in the role of trauma recovery and its impact on all aspects of our lives - on two legs and four. Julia comes from the premise that all healing comes from within and her role is to help you and horses blossom. 
Katie Williams
Katie Williams is one of a handful of coaches to have attained the BECC Level 4 qualification and has gained an MSc (Distinction) in Professional Sports Coaching. In 2018 Katie was selected for the BEF cross-discipline Youth Pathway Coaching Programme, offering specialist training for coaches working with young athletes within the talent pathways. 

She is one of the coaches for BE’s National Academy, an eventing mentor for the Sport England DiSE programme and BE Regional Youth Coach for Wales and West Midlands. Katie has helped clients achieve success at every level from grassroots to 4*. 
Julie Knaggs
Julie is an experienced Saddle fitter, Lecturer and biomechanics geek. Combining these led to a study of the ways we use our body, seeking fast ways to impart this knowledge easily and quickly. She has developed effective, alternative ways of teaching correct movement, by changing patterns before even mounting.
Eventer, entrepreneur, commentator, and show off. Jake Tarrant decided to take an active stance against bullying throughout the Equestrian community after witnessing first-hand, the vitriol that walks side by side within our sport. The "buddy don't bully" campaign was launched in 2019 and continues strong to this day, encouraging all equestrians to be kinder. #buddydontbully
Rachael BarneTt 
(Ray the Goth)

Karla Parsons (Muddy Mayhem)
Both of these ladies are well known for their honest accounts of equestrian life with its ups and downs. 

Join them for what will certainly be both a hard-hitting and entertaining panel discussion about the change we would love to see in our industry. 
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  • Watch all 8 sessions
  •  Available to watch as long as you like
  • Slides are shown in the videos
  • ​Professional recording for the best experience
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  • BONUS - Watch the panel discussion with Little Bentley Eventing, Muddy Mayhem & Ray the Goth on Bullying in the Equestrian Community
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