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  • ​Monthly Peak Performance interactive group video "clinics" (with Jenni & other experts)
  • ​E.D.E.N Blueprint™ online learning access & exercises - all about your mindset
  • ​Accountability groups
  • ​Exclusive Access to LIVE Expert Q&A Interviews weekly
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    Welcome To E.D.E.N. The brainchild of Jenni Winter Leach. It is a place built to empower 1 million riders across the globe by creating a truly supportive community where you can reach your true potential, achieve peak performance and be at your best – whatever that is. It is time to harness the most powerful tool you have, your mind.

    As riders we can often feel stuck or fearful, it is easy to get caught up in our own thoughts when building a partnership with our horses. Bringing a feeling of team in an often lonely sport, our network will stand by you (its members) in the inevitable ups and downs of life – supporting you to create your own EDEN with your horse/s.

    The E.D.E.N Blueprint has been developed by Jenni to help equestrians of all levels overcome the barriers that we all face. Being part of E.D.E.N gives you “unbridled” access to the Blueprint, including a fully tested for success online course as well as many other fantastic opportunities to learn more about Mindset and other Equestrian Development areas.
    What Is E.D.E.N All About?

    At its heart E.D.E.N is a community. From professional riders to complementary therapists and those who simply ride for pleasure, E.D.E.N is an international collective of equestrians who are invested in their growth.

    The Blueprint formulates the basis of your journey but the weekly live sessions, extra content and expert support is what makes E.D.E.N such a special place.
    Where It Began…

    E.D.E.N has evolved from Jenni’s work with riders across the world. Helping them to understand and overcome the barriers they face. Her background as an NLP Master Trainer equips Jenni to support riders of all levels. As an amateur rider herself, she knows first hand the struggles we often face. Whilst these challenges may not be avoidable, Jenni works with riders to give them the tools they need to progress successfully through these situations. The Equestrian Development & Empowerment Network has grown organically from her alumni, as they continue to support each other.
    ​Peak Performance interactive group video "clinics" 
      These "Clinics" are held every month and are a great opportunity to get your questions answered, learn about new topics, share your experiences and hear what others are doing, thinking and discovering too. 

      This is your exclusive access to Jenni Winter- Leach - Master Mindset & Performance Psychology Coach, Trainer and Award Winning Speaker. You get to ask her your questions about Mindset, Performance, Fears, Blockers and so many other topics that will be covered during your time in EDEN.

      There will also be other experts coming in to the clinics to cover relevant horse and human topics like behaviour, training, bodies, wellbeing, performance, coaching, and specific mindset related topics too. 

      The groups clinics are held over Zoom and are truly interactive - so you can take part, ask questions or sit back and listen to others - the choice is yours. 

      Many will even include practical tools and tips for you to take away and use. Then come back next time and tell us how you got on! 

      This is the perfect way to connect with like minded people and learn, share and discover together. 

      ​E.D.E.N Blueprint™ 
      Online learning & exercises - 
      all about your mindset
        The E.D.E.N Blueprint is the unique method through which Jenni works with her clients to accelerate their success and harness their secret weapon, the mind. 
        Developed to specifically support equestrians, as part of your membership to E.D.E.N you will have exclusive access to an online learning programme that guides you through this 5 step process with the added support of the group and live sessions.

        "Ive found the EDEN Blueprint to be a total eye opener! I thought I would just get some tools and techniques to overcome competition nerves, but actually I got a real window into myself, why I ride, what motivates me, what gets in my way and how to overcome them. I've actually worked out why I compete and now I'm not simply focused on the results, I actually enjoy the whole experience and if I get a frilly then that's just the cherry on top!" Claire

        "Having completed the mindset course a few weeks ago I just wanted to let you know that I have learnt a lot from your well presented course. The archetype quiz was illuminating and I discovered areas that I needed to bring into my thoughts to achieve change. The time line treasure hunt has given me my anchor shape which I used in competition to remain focused and calm.
        I have now been to a competition with this new way of thinking and the competition checklist and achieved our best results so far by adding some "warrior" and "lover" to the mix. I hope other participants also have their goals achieved to. Thank you." Karen

        ​Accountability Groups
          Accountability Groups are real game changers when it comes to achieving goals. 

          These 12 week long small (6-8 people) groups are designed to get you really taking actions to get towards your goals and having a group of like minded equestrians supporting you to make it happen.

          Accountability is about taking responsibility for your own actions, having others to help you overcome challenges, pick you up when you need it and also cheer you on in your successes, every step of the way. 

          They have a specific structure and set of guidelines and are overseen by an EDEN Mentor - so if you have any questions for them you can ask away. 

          They are set up by us but then run and managed by members of the group in a way mutually agreeable to all. They are based on FB messenger groups for quick chats and then use Zoom for more formal check ins weekly. 
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